Coined along the lines of ‘brainivitybox’, we strive to unleash the utmost potential of our little ones by bringing to them innovative ways to play, learn and grow. We do this by creating an exclusive assortment of early learning experiences, by ensuring our collection is child-safe, by building a dedicated, diverse and creative team who believes in our vision and by bringing the happiest times to your little ones.
We are all bringing “Brain Activities” and we invite you to be part of it, for your little munchkin(s)!


You and all of us at Brainivity Box grew up playing, falling, learning and having a childhood without screens. We turned out alright, didn’t we? In current area, we as a parents are really busy to give time to our little ones and too much addiction is going for screen and it need not to describe the negative effects of screen rays to our toddler sensitive body ! We are here to give our children just that – a childhood filled with immense joy, infinite smiles and sharp brains and mainly making them engaged with activity based toys, to benefit all of us in current time. We truly believe that the first six years are paramount in shaping your child’s brain architecture and creating a powerful premise for their future. Our array supplements these core necessities and adds oodles of fun to your little one’s childhood.


Intelligence and sharp brains are an output of constant stimulation and opportunity. We, at Brainivity Box, procure, create and deliver toys and tools for young children that provide innumerable opportunities for brain stimulation, growth and development. Our solutions for an enriching childhood are based on every child’s most favorite to do play. Our learning resources include Velcro Activity Based Board / Books, Wooden Toys, Flashcards and Storybooks which are joyous to engage with for children, parents and educators alike.


Making the Early Years count!

The idea for Brainivity Box was born in 2021 when co-founder, Mrs Shruti Soni ( Leading Professional Singer in Gujarat ), noted that there were not enough Early Offline Learning Stimuli available to optimize on the growing years* for her child ‘Hemil’. In a pursuit to extend this opportunity to all, along with co-founder, Mr Viram Soni (Textile Businessman), Brainivity Box setup to partner parents in helping children achieve their highest potential using Early Learning Resources and Materials from our headquarters. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, guardian or a loved one, Brainivity Box is on your side to enable Early Learning and Development as a joyous process. Every Brainivity Box product is the ideal blend of Shruti’s input as a mother, quality raw materials and products picked by Viram, and lots of fun; packaged with heaps of love for your precious.

*The period between the ages of 0 – 5 years constitute the growing years.

As Bill Gates said, “The first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.”

Mr Viram Soni ( Co-Founder)
Mr Viram Soni ( Co-Founder)
Mrs Shruti Soni ( Co Founder)
Mrs Shruti Soni ( Co Founder)

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