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⚖️Balance Threading Blocks🧵(any 1)


3D Jigsaw Puzzle Cubes Tin

3d jigsaw puzzle cubes tin

👗Wear Shoe Button Suit Threading game👟🧵


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👗Wear Shoe Button Suit Threading game👟🧵

🎗️1. Dress Threading Toys not only helps children learn a more general sense of life, but also improves life knowledge, practical skills, spatial skills, grip etc.

🎊2. This is a toy for lacing buttons for toddlers with a rope, which allows your child to thread it through all the holes. This is good for your baby’s imagination and promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognition and visual perception skills.

✅Toy for lacing dresses: included (2 laces, 20 buttons, 2 threads to put on, 2 shoes, 2 garments.

🌈During lacing, children not only learn the action of stringing, but also improve their concentration and hand-eye coordination and grow in the game.
🎀Increase life skills: children’s lacing can improve life skills, and also train children’s independent thinking skills and practical skills.
Clothing design: you can design beautiful clothes with buttons that you want to match your coat, and threading through buttons is a good option because there are buttons in different colors.
🌈Odourless and harmless: The knot-threading toy is odourless and harmless, and the edge is bent, so it is not harmful to children. In addition, it is made of natural wood, which is not easy to tear and can be reused.
🎀Comfortable to carry: As the knotted string toy is easy to carry, it is a good travel item. In addition, it is very suitable as a gift for children.

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