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🍄Mashroom Nails🍄


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🍄Mushroom Nails🍄

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🍄The educational mushroom nails toy is a creative and interactive learning tool designed for children. It consists of colorful, mushroom-shaped pegs and a pegboard. Children can insert the pegs into the holes on the board, creating various patterns and designs. This activity helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. It’s a fun and engaging way for kids to explore shapes and colors while enhancing their cognitive abilities.

🍄1. Fine Motor Skills Development: Playing with the educational mushroom nails toy requires precise hand movements to insert the pegs into the holes, helping children improve their fine motor skills.

🍄2. Hand-Eye Coordination: Children develop better hand-eye coordination as they aim to place the pegs accurately in the designated holes on the pegboard.

🍄3. Creativity and Spatial Awareness: The toy encourages kids to create their own patterns and designs, promoting creativity and spatial awareness as they plan and execute their ideas.

🍄4. Color and Shape Recognition: By interacting with the colorful pegs, children can learn to recognize different colors and shapes, aiding in early cognitive development.

🍄5. Patience and Focus: As children engage in this hands-on activity, they enhance their patience and concentration skills by carefully placing each peg in its proper location, completing patterns, and achieving their desired designs.


12 pcs of puzzle cards, Wooden Base Board, 25 pcs of Coloured Bead with Bag, 2 pcs of stands.

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