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😁🥳Mini Expression Cube Game ( in plastic box)😁🥳


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😁🥳Mini Expression Cube Game ( in plastic box)😁🥳

👉🏻(approx size mentioned in image)

👉🏻(plastic box includes:- 4×4 wooden cubes off different colours, 60 pattern cards and introduction page )

🤭Expression cube using environmentally friendly wood coated with safe tasteless, non-toxic water-based paint, the card has a rounded corner design, no burr.

🤫In addition, the patterns on the blocks are processed using thermal transfer technology, bright colors, which can quickly attract the attention of children, mobilize children’s initiative and enthusiasm to play, and reduce the use of electronic products for children.

😊Best Gift for Kids: This block toy is designed for children over 3 years old, up to four people can play together, suitable for parents and children’s friends to play together, it is a very interactive game.

😁Easy to play, the game is played according to the instructions: each child chooses a group of favorite color squares, turns out a card expression from a pile of cards, spell out the shortest time according to the word, and the first to get 10 cards is the winner.

😄Expression cube blocks game with game rules In addition to the game’s instructions, guide the child to play imagination and create more new ways to play independently.

😀In the game, children need to spell out the blocks corresponding to expressions quickly, thus well exercise observation, improve attention and hands-on skills, entertainment, and a project to improve children’s thinking skills.

The iron box is filled with cute expression blocks, vivid and exciting, which can stimulate children’s interest in the game and promote the development of the senses, thus enhancing hand-eye coordination.

😅The iron box is easy to carry and can be played at any time..

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