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⚫High Contrast Black & White Flashcards for Babies ⚪


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🌈 High Contrast Black & White Flash cards for babies.🌈 👶 👶
👉Age – (0-9 months )
🎊Infant Intellectual Growth Stimulating High Contrast cards.

👉 Flashcards size- 15*10.5 cm

🌟Description- High contrasting black and white images with sharp outlines are much easier for baby to see in the first few months of life while eyesight is still developing. At birth a baby’s retina is not fully developed; a newborn retina can only detect EXTREME contrasts between light and dark, or black and white.
Colours appear after the first few months. These cards can be used for your baby’s eyesight and brain development. 🧠
🌟Helps to calm and soothe baby, increase concentration skills, enhance natural curiosity, stimulate the vision response and encourage the creation of brain cell connections.

🌟Kit includes 🧠👇
50 Infant Intellectual Growth stimulating High contrast cards.

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