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Wooden 3D Chunky Tray Puzzle ( any 1)


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🚌Wooden 3D Chunky Tray Puzzle🚌

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🥭Wooden 3d Tray puzzle is a fun
and educational toy for kids. The wooden tray features different chunky block with attractive colours .

🐢1. Wooden tray chunky puzzles promote fine motor skills in children by encouraging them to grasp and manipulate the chunky pieces.

🐮2. These puzzles offer tactile and sensory engagement, helping children develop a better understanding of shapes and textures.

🐟3. They enhance problem-solving abilities as kids figure out how to fit the puzzle pieces into the matching spaces on the tray.

🐘4. Wooden puzzles are durable and eco-friendly, making them a sustainable choice for parents concerned about the environment.

🍎5. These puzzles also foster cognitive development by teaching children about spatial awareness and object recognition while having fun.

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